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Traditional Thai Massage for Revival of the Organism

Traditional Thai massage is quite natural, simple and extremely healthy, and for two thousand years practiced by members of the Asian continent. It is an extremely effective and beneficial method that will truly eliminate all the accumulated stress that has accumulated over the years and enable you to live again peacefully and breathe with your lungs. The feeling of complete relaxation that occurs in the body during the massage, a pleasant ambience, aromatic scents and sounds of specially designed music, will give you a unique experience, bringing the body and spirit into harmony.

Traditional Thai massage is recognized by the international health organization of Europe as a natural healing and preventive activity.

Thai massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage; relaxes the muscles, strengthens the internal organs; increases the flexibility and maintains vitality of the whole organism, since it stimulates detoxification and strengthens the immune system. It is especially effective for people who have long been sitting and suffering from painful stiffness and tension in the back and neck, or in all diseases of the modern age, such as stress, high blood pressure, nervousness, insomnia, depression, and the like.

The difference between European and Thai massage

The difference is that during the European massage, muscle relaxation is done, while in traditional Thai massage treatment includes work on energy meridian and acupressure points. Therapists pressing fingers, elbows, knees and legs (using their weight) - exercise massage. Thai massage relaxes and pulls muscles, sets joints, but this is always done to the extent of pain.

Thai massage is the original dry massage where the guest has light clothing, cotton trousers and a shirt. There is also a massage with oil, which is, in fact, a traditional Thai massage adapted to the needs of Europeans. In essence, it does not differ from dry massage, but since the skin is oily because of the oil, it's not stretching. It is important to know that if a massage is used with oil, healing effects are achieved within 2-3 hours after treatment. Showering is recommended after the third hour after the end of the oil massage. Traditional Thai massage is done on the floor, on an appropriate mattress, for one to two hours, during which the masseur passes through every part of the body. It is recommended once or twice in 14 days to use these preventive massages. Thai massage is complemented by a herbal massage which, with the evaporation of Thai herbs and spices, achieves extraordinary effects by pressing energy meridians.

Positive effects of Thai massage

Thai massage unites positive effects of yoga, acupressure and reflexology. After the massage the man feels relaxed and refreshed. While the European massage only provides relaxation and drowsiness, the traditional Thai massage at the same time provides calmness and regenerates the tired and worn out organism. It improves circulation of blood and lymph, stimulates the work of internal organs and brings the body into balance. By stretching the rigid muscles and joints, they become relaxed, the elasticity of the body increases, and acts beneficially on the bones. After the massage you will feel lighter, elastic, restful, the muscles will be relaxed, and the stiffness of the muscles will disappear.

Traditional Thai massage for the recovery of the whole body

It is no coincidence that after massage we feel reborn, as blood circulation increases, the skin is taut and tighter, elastic, and the pores are enlarged. Traditional Thai massage is recommended for people with functional disorders of the spine and joints. By special procedures, the mascer removes blocked joints, relieves pain and relieves stiff muscles. Through the meridian system, the therapist returns the lost balance of body energy.

Thai massage has been extremely successful in treating people with pain in the shoulders, neck, lumbago and those with sciatica. It is also recommended for those who want to afford the atmosphere of relaxation and tenderness. Traditional Thai massage shows particularly good results for people who sit and ride a lot, perform stressful tasks, with athletes and people who have problems with insomnia.

Thai massage is not recommended for people suffering from the following diseases:

    Oncological diseases and changes in the lymph glands
    High blood pressure and decreased heart function (bypass)
    Osteoporosis and diseases of markedly expanded veins
    Epilepsy, pregnancy, psoriasis, fresh wounds, bone fractures
    Different implants, hip and knee prosthesis

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Aromatherapy Body Massage at Amrita Spa Malviya Nagar Delhi

Aromatherapy Body Massage at Amrita Spa Delhi. +91 9999145218

    Aromatherapy stimulates and relieves tension
    Get rid of depression, stress, headache and the like.
    The duration of the treatment is 60 minutes

The treatment is performed by a specialist aromatherapist and clinical aromatherapist, and aroma massage is just one of the techniques, which are carried out in the process of aromatherapy itself!

It is based exclusively on the lymph, which means it stimulates circulation, and therefore immunity. There is a lot of breathing and compression of acupressor points, which means encouraging the work of internal organs.

Aromatherapy has a holistic approach to man, which means it is viewed through four levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Aromatherapy is based exclusively on emotions, because emotions block us in everyday life. and we collect it from childhood, especially unpleasant emotions and traumas. Then it all goes to the subconscious, and in the body they settle in the muscles. Such a treatment is done through bodywork, work on emotions. Every essential oil, apart from having therapeutic properties, each oil has its own character and vibration. What does it mean? This means that the body at the same time is viewed physically, because aromatherapy is complementary to medicine, (through clinical aromatherapy), and on the other hand, the body is watched by energy centers.

Organic essential oils are used exclusively, because the chemical composition and Latin name must be written on the vial. Also, cold pressed base oils are used, and this depends on the status of the body, the history of the disease and the diagnosis.

Essential oils act beneficially to the body, refresh, soothe, stimulate, balance and relax, regenerate the body and create a sense of comfort. They act as antiseptics, antireumatics, promote circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage, favorably affect the endocrine and immune system, help with PMS, have a very stimulating effect, have a beneficial effect on the skin, help in treating acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, wounds and injuries.

The treatment is excellent for establishing an emotional balance, and the most important thing is that it comes fully natural way with the help of essential oils and a beneficial touch.

Using various aromatherapeutic methods, essential oils quickly penetrate the skin, eventually reaching the bloodstream and the entire body. Aromatherapy is the most effective as a preventive measure in maintaining health and vitality. It stimulates, relieves tension and is a great tool in the fight against anxiety, depression, stress, headache, insomnia, digestive disorders, and muscle and joint pain.

Aromatherapy massage is one of the most pleasant ways of applying aromatherapy!

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7 benefits of relaxing massage that you will want to enjoy

The benefits of relaxing massage go beyond offering the body and mind a deep state of well-being. This technique, while promoting relaxation as a main objective, stimulates a series of positive actions in the body, ranging from improving blood circulation to reducing the typical discomfort of premenstrual syndrome. Did you know? There is a lot that a relaxing massage can do for you, for your body and for your health.

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Benefits of relaxing massage that will surprise you

In addition to the obvious release of tension, which is why we often resort to this type of treatment, the benefits of relaxing massage are much deeper, so in our aesthetic medicine center in Barcelona we recommend to give the body a deep dose of well-being.

These are some of its surprising advantages:

Help reduce back and head pain

Relaxing massage stimulates blood circulation, helps to relax the muscles and relieves the tension that accumulates in them. This benefit allows to alleviate the pain that is located in the back and in the head due to tensional causes, in addition to fighting the corporal rigidity.

Decrease our stress levels

Among the benefits of relaxing massage highlights its power to offer a state of deep tranquility thanks to decreasing levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. Remember that this hormone is secreted in large quantities when the human body is subjected to a great stress load. Therefore, nothing better than a relaxing massage to stop fatigue and anguish.
Reduce blood pressure and improve circulation

The massages activate the circulatory system, which allows the whole human body to receive more oxygen. By activating the circulation, blood pressure is reduced and inflammation of the extremities caused by vascular problems such as varicose veins is improved. To make matters worse, we must remember that the skin is nourished by the blood composition, therefore, the better the blood circulates throughout the body, the better your skin will look. A more hydrated and healthy tissue is possible with a relaxing massage.

Combat anxiety and depression

It is proven, after a relaxing massage the person feels renewed inside and out. And is that this therapy stimulates the secretion of the hormone serotonin, a substance responsible for keeping in balance the mood of people. Therefore, when you get a relaxing massage you will not only be happy, but you will also fight the symptoms of anxiety almost instantaneously.

They favor the elimination of toxins

The body has different filters such as kidneys, liver and lymph nodes to dispose of toxins accumulated in the body. The circulatory system is responsible for helping these filters transport the toxins to be discarded. The activation of circulation through manual massage helps to detoxify the body more effectively, for this reason more and more people come to aesthetic centers with the aim of performing a lymphatic drainage.

Decrease muscle tension and promote flexibility

Stress, worries, a sedentary lifestyle and sitting many hours a day cause tension and muscle pain. A relaxing massage is the best option to relieve these symptoms, prevent contractures and get moving without discomfort or complications. It is even proven that this type of therapy is very effective in reducing the ailments caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

The inflammation caused by the beginning of a new menstrual cycle improves considerably after a relaxing massage thanks to the activation of the blood circulation. In addition, the increase in serotonin will greatly help those women who have mood swings during these days of the month.

Giving yourself a massage to be happy and free of pain is more than necessary.

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Traditional Thai Massage for Revival of the Organism

Traditional Thai massage is quite natural, simple and extremely healthy, and for two thousand years practiced by members of the Asian cont...